In all honesty, I’ve been struggling with being okay with my friends who voted for Trump.
Lance Mealer

In all honesty, this is a perfect example of the kind of validation seeking behavior Amanda complains about in the article. Where to begin…

I’ve been struggling with being okay with my friends who voted for Trump.

So why aren’t you OK with them? What are you doing about it? What’s being done to you because of it?

Am I willing to push good friends out of my life because they voted for that Oompa Loompa or do I keep them in my life because they’ve been great friends to me?

I don’t know, because nobody but you can know what you’re willing to do. Now if you had asked what you should do we might have a discussion, and you might have gotten some uncomfortable answers.

So it was obvious personal growth was never your intent. You were only here to show everyone how good a person you are. Yet despite that you still got insightful responses made in good faith.

I didn’t come on here to debate. I wanted to make a statement and talk with people who are dealing with the same issue. Got a problem with that? So be it. Just don’t bring it all to me.


Don’t think that I’m equating anything but also don’t belittle my hurt. When I posted on here, I wished to post my statement and move on but you pissed me off. Begone, you foul beast!

And then you literally threw a tantrum when you didn’t get the approval you sought. Seriously, I expect more from 5 year olds. At least this provides an example I can use for the foreseeable future.