KEEP AN EYE OUT for smiling monsters. Once you learn to spot them, they’re easy to recognize. They don’t make eye contact with other men or figures of authority, until they’re confronted. They tend to have head gestures (nodding or shaking their head) that are completely opposite of what their words are saying. They’re not prepared for follow-up questions. They get nervous when you talk to their prey, and start edging away. They escalate on raunchy humor, like what’s described above. They have a habit of boldly invading the personal space of anyone female, in ways that they wouldn’t do to a man.
For Good Men To See Nothing
Ken Burnside

No. This is what people on the Autism spectrum do. Smiling Monsters are social savvy, understand body language, skilled emotional manipulators, comfortable with confrontation, and very good at slipping past people’s radar, even those trained to spot this sort of thing.

But what’s worse is you’ve just moved from endorsing action based on actual harm being done to action based on suspicion. There’s a reason “they seemed so normal” is a thing when it comes to asking about the neighborhood serial killer. Most people are horrible readers, and action on suspicions alone is more likely to harm those that have done nothing wrong than stop a sexual predator.

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