The last cigarette was smoked,

Her lips finally dry,

Only to be moistened as she broke down to cry.

Her ashtray of problems started when I was young,

With that first pain killer that made her numb.

Life slips away as responsibilities are neglected,

It was never known why she never relented,

Never telling the truth,

Unable to admit the worst,

The tragedy always became more confident,

There were always more cinematic turns for the worse.

Losing her children, becoming homeless, then disabled and dependent,

I missed my mother but I never said it.

Her pain is severe,

Her will was spent like a con forty years in prison.


Very small glimpses of light.

She just wants to be free and for her kids to be alright.

I will always love you.



Luna y Sol

Del sol a la luna,

La luz entre nosotros,

Ayuda todo el mundo,

Me reflejas aun cuando no estoy por aca,

Muestras a todo una belleza humilde,

Una belleza que no le doy a todo para ver,

Eres la unica que puede articularse asi,

Me ayudas dar completamente,

Siniti no hay balance,

Mas que eso,

Agradezco el resplandor que te pongo en el rostro,

Y !Que asombro!

Lo que la tierra siente cuando estamos ambos juntos,

Esos momentos siento que los mantenga para siempre.

Aun si quizas sea raramente.



It is time to let go,

I’ve been detained for too long,

Even the self is just illusive control,

Steadily still,

Thoughts, emotions, passions, desires, ideas, conceptions

Flood through my heart and mind,

What I grab a hold of soon dissolves,

Within the limitations of the fluctuating volatile state at hand,

My hands are now just open,

Just open enough to be able to let go,

In case those things are out of my control,

They always turn out to be just so,

Solutions come to solve the things that last,

At last those too illusively change,

They become entrapping at a very fast pace,

Monumental movement,

Thoughts resonate with emotions that get intertwined with ideas,

Desires stir from overwhelming passions,

Conceptions plague the mind with diluted light,

Before it all finishes,

I’ve already let go to feel free again.



I can’t fight this anymore,

I can’t seem to look away,

I can’t help myself at night,

Fuck forever feels like one day,

This can’t be how it goes on,

I keep finding ways to escape,

They just bring me back to you,

Perhaps there’s something I should face,

We can’t just let it out,

Not after its been caged,

It’s because we don’t know how,

We’re just too damn afraid,

I’d love to work it out,

Either way I’m in pain,

The world is full of doubt,

This is certain in my heart,

That we could run away together,

And figure out a new start



Potent spirit,

Lucky in lark,

Practiced and disciplined,

Witty and smart,

As noticeable as a seasonal change,

Outstandingly connective while being invariably strange,

An uncaged vice,

Complementive to all those who give and want to do more,

Calculating and willing,

Sea bound but stuck at the shore,

Wild and reserved,

Harsh in a sincere way,

Left to fight for tomorrow,

Sad not to be in the battle today.


As steady as the ocean,

Open and vast for every vessel,

Deep enough to hide all from time memorial,

A giving medium that helps sustain life,

Working with and against.

Tumultuous and placid,

Many qualities all at the same time,

Full of memories and imaginations,

Making significance the more I revere.

The transparent enigma.



I like things that are very,

Very sweet,

Very spicy,

They have to be very yummy,

If I don’t say thank you very much than it wasn’t worth it at all.

I love what I buy on the road,

All that I buy online,

It’s all very good.

I must make the best choices,

My hobbies are very badass,

I will definitely do it again if it is very entertaining.

Let’s not miss out on that!

They say we will be captivated and by the end VERY surprised,

I’m never very well done and through with this or,

But look at that!

Very nice!

I must have it!





Anon- In the near future. At or witthin a short time. Bloom- A state or time of great activity, thriving or achievement. A state or time of beauty and vigor.