The Wrongful Killing of Martin Luther King Jr. by “Unnamed Government Officials” [VIDEO]

Coretta Scott King testifies in court, claiming the government was involved in the conspiracy to assassinate her husband. (1999)

Most people are not aware that it was proven in court that the government was responsible for killing Martin Luther King Jr. This film sheds light on this ignored but vital page of history.

This short documentary by the AnonDocs team dives deep into the under-reported and mostly forgotten 1999 civil trial regarding the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. This was, indeed, the only trial about King’s death. The jury ruled that James Earl Ray, the man most believe killed King, was not the shooter, and that a man named Loyd Jowers and others, including unspecified government agencies, were responsible for the killing. The case was brought to court by Martin Luther King Jr’s family, who, to this day, do not believe the governments version of events regarding King’s assassination.

This film is compiled from forgotten courtroom footage of the trial, as well as modern interviews with the presiding judge of the court case, the King family lawyer, Coretta Scott King, and more.

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