For quite some time and whenever we had the resources, we have been monitoring numerous dubious people on in example Twitter of which all have something in common. They claim and to a certain extent seem to support WikiLeaks and Mr. Julian Assange. But this is far from so…

It soon became obvious that in order to map those individuals, it was deemed necessary to develop some software that could take care thereof.

By now, the database generated containing an incredible number of users and their data, is quite substantial and due to an event which occured yesterday 25th November 2017, around 22:23 ( our time ) that was actually what tipped the iceberg.

On 25th November a selfdeclared “Investigative Journalist” — hereinafter in this article referred to as “The Fox” posted a statement within the group named “Catalans in English”.

We immediately responded hereto within the group.

“The Fox” did not reply and we then decided to announce in the group “Catalans in English” that we blocked her. That took place at 22:28–22:29.

Thereinafter we monitored that “The Fox” left the conversation and much later on, via Twitter posted a subtweet with the poor excuse: “But Anon didnt give me a chance” beneath a tweet posted at 03:31 ( our time ) in which “The Fox” referred to a poor article made by EuroNews: which has several errors, but never mind.

Fact is that similar headline-news occured on Wednesday the 22nd November, — in example:

Accordingly if it was to be considered a great concern, then why not post the article within the group “Catalans in English” earlier?

Why wait 4–5 days ?

The answer is that “The Fox” made the statement within the group as “The Fox” has an agenda and accordingly when we replied to the statement in the group, “The Fox” subsequently hurried away and came up with an article trying to back-up the statement.

We do not wonder why it took 5 hours to dig up a poor article as previously mentioned, since it was so imperative and necessary to post a totally wrong statement within the group “Catalans in English”.

The statement was made deliberately.

As mentioned, “The Fox” has an agenda.
To name a few which has been identified via a script we control. some of the findings during the past and up to now, are as follows:

1.: Propagation of misinformation as occured on 25th November 2017
2.: Obtaining numerous followers which in turn occasionally will RT the posts made, thereby gaining a higher rank on Twitter
3.: Appearing to be a supporter of WikiLeaks and Mr. Julian Assange
4.: Using a Bot to gain awareness and increase in number of followers ( marketing sidekick )
5.: Contacting close friends of WikiLeaks and Mr. Julian Assange attempting to obtain private information
6.: Litterally SPAM-posting replies to numerous wellknown accounts, whereas such replies consists of Memes, resulting in people refraining from actually searching for relevant and constructive replies and comments from other users. In other words… distraction.
7.: Defaming one of the most close friends of Mr Julian Assange
8.: Operating a SOCK-account

Below please find various SS of communications between some of the interrelated tiny trolls.
Within these conversations other accounts appear as well and they do not necessarily have any dubious intentions.

The handles to look for in case you decided to do your own research, are as follows:

@Smokes_Angel and her “associate”: @BBfromPA

As for other ignorants and tiny trolls, it has been a practice for quite some time by those, to post horrendous tweets.
Look at the resulting page in case you in example search for the following user: @Ventuckyspaz in combination with “proof of life”.

It goes without saying that we blocked that user way back, but somehow he never realised the reason, even though we tried to explain.

Anyhow, we merely wish, that our followers and others are aware of the fake supporters of WikiLeaks and Mr. Assange and as a couple of those surfaced one time too many within the past 24 hours, we simply decided to write this little infopage.

Additionally, please examine the following tweets yourself which in our opinion calls for some serious head-examination of the poster:

Whether you decide to block The Tiny Trolls in general or not, is not in any way any of our concern and yes,- they are tiny, but they are also many and we do not feed them.

However, what we occasionally do with those, may at times be somewhat different for two major reasons:

To make it clear…
We do not forget
we do not forgive.

Accordingly… Expect Us.

Finally, it goes without saying that we have duly notified part of the legal team of WikiLeaks as many of the defamatory posts made by in particular “The Fox” are targeted at a very close friend of Mr. Assange.

Anonymous Scandinavia

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