Every couple of years I watch “The Matrix” because it’s awesome.

But, the more and more technology evolves I tend to think that this trilogy is a picture of what reality will be (or dare not say, already is).

Virtual reality just started as an industry and I think it will change most of our human activities. The internet/computers that we use today will be jokes in 20 years. [Think about how the internet was 20 years ago or the evolution of mobile phones from bricks with antennas to basically mini-computers.]

Do you imagine it to be so far fetched that one day will come when most, if not everybody, will live it a world with unlimited possibilities, a virtual world, entirely controlled by an Artificial Super-Intelligence infinitely smarter than all the humans that ever existed? A true alien being for us that the simple thought that we could control it is laughable at best. Deus Ex-Machina. Has a nice ring to it.

Here is an excerpt from Terence McKenna who put it in words much better than me:

“The dematerializing of our lives is I think another area where we could make a significant conscious contribution to at least pumping the brakes on the approach toward the passing of a fail safe point. Uh, and that means, exploring such admittedly odious possibilities as virtual reality, where light replaces matter and code replaces, uh, computer codes and this sort of thing replace the manipulation of matter by the kinds of crude technologies that we have grown accustomed to.
The entire culture could be dematerialized and downloaded into an electronic virtual culture that would nowhere come tangential to the Earth and would require very limited resource extraction.
In fact, one of the strange things that is happening is: Every move we now make in relationship to the new technologies redefines them at the very boundaries where their own developmental impetus would lead them toward a kind of independence. In other words, we talk about artificial intelligence, we talk about the possibility of an AI coming into existence, but we do not really understand to what degree this is already true of our circumstance.
In other words, how much of society is already homeostaticly regulated by machines that are ultimately under human control, but practically speaking, are almost never meddled with?”

I think we already started to digitize ourselves through social media and all that. We sorta instinctually know that we are headed to a Matrix-like reality.

Sure, we will probably still be able to live just fine in this physical reality (especially after we have understood enough about the body to repair and upgrade it), but doesn’t a world without any boundaries in regards to biology, chemistry, even physics sound really fucking awesome? A reality that creates awe. Check out the definition of awe.


If you’re interested in this kind of madness and you haven’t seen it already, check out this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rNSTizOsws