AnonMBS Whitepaper (Rough Draft)


As Web3 technology & ideas are constantly evolving, our whitepaper is subject to change in order to adapt to the needs of the community and the market. Nothing included in this whitepaper should be taken as financial advice; Always do your own research.


Las Monas is a place that always stays busy, and with such a large influx of people moving into the city for opportunities, it’s no secret that everyone’s looking to make a little bit of money. Around here, $NANA is the most valuable thing to a Monke, as it can be utilized for a range of useful activities.. Thankfully for the members of AnonMBS, their contribution to the organization makes them lots of $NANA, allowing them to live comfortably within the city. Staking works as a great contribution to the organization that makes you a solid 10 $NANA each day. With such an extensive city to work in, organization members have a variety of missions and tasks to complete within its array of districts. AnonMBS members will be able to take up missions provided by the boss, each with their own varying risks and rewards. No two districts are alike, so while you may have an easy time doing business in a suburban district, it may be harder to operate in an industrial district. The money earned from these activities can be used to hire Sidekicks.The practice of hiring a Sidekick can also come with its own set of risks and rewards. Sidekicks can contribute to the organization much like Anon Monkes, as they make 10 $NANA each day when staked. They can also partake in missions, sometimes alone and sometimes alongside another organization member. Although most Sidekicks fulfill their duty to the organization, some of them are interested in bigger business. These Evil Sidekicks are out to scam and cheat the organization in an attempt to run off with more cash than the rest. Their notorious greed means they also have the potential to capture Sidekicks as they attempt to unstake or fail a mission. In order to keep the peace, a deal has been struck between the Evil Sidekicks and AnonMBS that grants them 25% of Sidekick profits each time a Sidekick collects $NANA. With such an overwhelmingly extensive city at hand, there is much work for AnonMBS members to complete.

What is AnonMBS?

AnonMBS is a web3 project that primarily focuses on NFTs. The project is built on the Solana blockchain, and features 2,222 Anon Monkes dwelling in the big city of Las Monas.

What are the Anon Monkes?

Each Anon Monke is a member of a fictional organization that is secretive in nature, only allowing a select amount of individuals among their ranks. Holding an Anon Monke will give the holder the ability to partake in missions, hire Sidekicks, and more. Holding an Anon Monke will also generate the holder 10 $NANA each day when staking.

What are Sidekicks? What are Evil Sidekicks?

As previously mentioned, AnonMBS holders will have the opportunity to purchase Sidekicks with the $NANA they have earned. Each Sidekick has a dynamic cost of 250 $NANA plus an added amount of $NANA equivalent to the amount of Sidekicks minted with a max supply of 1111. For starters, each sidekick generates 10 $NANA each day when staked, but they have additional utility. Sidekicks will be able to partake in their own missions, as well as join Anon Monkes on special missions. Some Sidekicks come with a twist, however. Each time a Sidekick is hired, there is a 10% chance of it being Evil. Evil Sidekicks can be used for the same things as regular Sidekicks, but they also come with their own special features. Each time a regular Sidekick collects $NANA, 25% is automatically taken by Evil Sidekicks and dispersed to Evil Sidekick holders. Evil Sidekicks also have a small chance of receiving Sidekicks that have been captured due to a failed mission or when attempting to unstake. This mechanic will be further explained in later sections of the document.

The Importance of $NANA

$NANA is our primary utility token, and has a wide range of uses within the AnonMBS ecosystem. $NANA can be earned in a few different ways as well. For starters, some missions have the potential to earn the holder various amounts of $NANA, depending on circumstances. Along with this, holders can earn $NANA gradually by staking their NFTs, but it is important to understand the specific risks and rewards involved in each option. $NANA’s main purpose currently is to allow the holder to hire Sidekicks. However, our currency will be continually updated to have more utility. One of our main plans for our utility token is to allow holders to purchase NFTs with $NANA. Our model will be similar, yet significantly different to DeGods’ model. We will offer some NFTs for discounts up to 50% off, and others will be raffled to current AnonMBS holders. More developments will be discussed in the “Long Term Plans” section.


Missions will be one of the most important ways to interact with the AnonMBS ecosystem. They will be accessed on a large map with five separate districts. Each of these districts will have their own unique missions, with old missions being swapped out for new ones over time. All of these districts will be vastly different, meaning the contents of their missions will vary as well. Examples of these missions and their potential variations will be provided below. The outcome of each mission will be probability based, with four possible outcomes for each mission. Each mission will have a set difficulty from 1–5, represented with skull icons. Easier missions will have a lower probability of harsh failure, while more difficult missions will make it less likely to win big. The outcomes will be split between two tiers of success, and two tiers of failure. The first tier of failure will always be a mission with no gain or loss (in other words, a waste of time). The second tier of failure will always result in the NFT(s) that partook on said mission being captured. In the event that an nft is captured during a mission it will be spread among the AnonMBS ecosystem. Some will be airdropped to a randomly selected Evil Sidekick holder, while others will simply be burned. The tiers of success will vary between each mission, but will range from large chunks of $NANA, to the potential to earn a new NFT. Missions will be available in varying types. This means that some missions will only be available to Anon Monkes, while others will be available to Sidekicks and Anons, Evil Sidekicks, etc. etc.

Risks & Rewards when Staking

AnonMBS NFTs each come with specific risks and rewards when staking and unstaking. The type of risks and rewards encountered will depend on the type of NFT at hand. Staking an Anon Monke yields the holder 10 $NANA each day. There is no risk in unstaking an Anon Monke either. Sidekicks yield 10 $NANA each day while staked as well, but face a unique tax on their earnings. When collecting $NANA yielded by a sidekick, 25% of it is taken and equally spread amongst holders of currently staked Evil Sidekicks. Additionally when unstaking a Sidekick, there is a 10% chance it will be captured and airdropped to a randomly chosen Evil Sidekick holder.Evil Sidekicks yield 10 $NANA daily while staked, and face no risks when unstaking. As previously mentioned, holders of currently staked Evil Sidekicks will receive an equal cut of the 25% placed on Sidekick earnings.

Long Term Plans

While our project currently offers a wide range of ways to interact with our ecosystem, AnonMBS has a healthy list of plans for long term development. Our focus is to develop as many use case scenarios as possible for $NANA currency. As previously mentioned, we are interested in allowing holders to eventually purchase NFTs with $NANA. Along with this, there will be a lot of focus put into developing our mission system to be more interesting and provide more ways for AnonMBS holders to earn. The list of additions to be made to our mission system currently includes but is not limited to:

-Purchasable items that have varying effects on the outcome of each mission

-More types of missions, including missions with more risks/rewards, and missions that require the holder to wager some of their $NANA

-A more detailed map with additional sections to explore and more missions to partake in

To ensure the integration of these concepts is as smooth as possible, the AnonMBS team is also looking to welcome new developers, designers, and more. Lastly, our team will also be actively looking to do partnerships with metaverse oriented projects in the future.




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