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Welcome to Anonymice. We specialise in creating fully on-chain generative NFTs on Ethereum. No APIs, no IPFS, just code. This article is designed to give new holders all the updated technical Anonymice information.


Genesis Anonymice are completely decentralised NFTs with full ownership and provenance for holders.
- They were randomly generated using Ethereum and code only and the code used to generate them can be viewed by anyone at any time.
- The images are stored using Ethereum and code only with no APIs to maintain.
- The contract is owned by the 0xdead address so cannot be changed by anybody. And the mice can be freely traded on all marketplaces with zero royalties.

The mice will survive in a decentralised way for as long as Ethereum exists.

The Anonymice collection was launched on 16th of September, 2021. The total possible supply was 10,000.

The first 2,000 mice were free to mint and the only way to mint the remaining 8,000 was by staking those mice to earn $Cheeth, the Anonymice utility token, and to mint with them using Cheeth. This was the very first example of a tokenized mint which inspired many other projects. Each staked mouse produced 1 $Cheeth per day.

Mouse ID number Price to mint
#0- #1999 FREE
#2000- #3999 1 $Cheeth
#4000- #5999 2 $Cheeth
#6000- #7999 3 $Cheeth
#8000- #9999 4 $Cheeth

During the mint holders also had the choice to burn their mouse to mint a randomly generated different one to potentially mint a rarer mouse. The burning option together with the staking created a fun race to earn enough $Cheeth before the next price level was reached. Some rare mice also got burned in the excitement of mint including #7767 the famous astro mouse.

The minting process lasted 2 days and even though it was extremely popular, due to the mechanics, the gas costs to mint never spiked. At the end of the mint 6,450 mice had been burned and 3,550 had survived out of the possible 10,000.


Anonymice breeding began on 15th October 2021 with a maximum supply of 3550 Anonymice Babies. It allowed holders of 2 Anonymice genesis to breed to create an Anonymice Baby incubator that could then be revealed after 7 days. The revealed baby had many traits that were inherited from the parents and many new traits to discover. This was again all achieved using just the smart contracts, everything was 100% on-chain, no APIs, IPFS, just code.

To generate an incubator you needed 2 Anonymice genesis and 50 $Cheeth. The mice needed to be locked into the breeding contract for 50,000 blocks (around 7 days) and the incubator generated also had a dynamic block countdown timer from 50,000 blocks to zero. After the 50,000 blocks had passed the parents could be unlocked ready to breed again and the incubator could be revealed to generate the Anonymice Baby. The incubator displayed the incubator number, block countdown timer and details of the parent mice on the image.

When revealed, the Anonymice Babies traits were randomly generated but they had a higher chance of getting certain traits if the parent mice had the same traits. For example, an incubator generated by 2 irradiated mice had a X% chance of generating an irradiated baby but 2 non-irradiated mice had a Y% chance of generating an irradiated baby. This means that the mice with rarer traits were more likely to be used for breeding.

Breeding and generating incubators is no longer possible so the supply of Anonymice Babies is capped at 3550. There are still incubators to be revealed for a small gas fee so the excitement of seeing a fresh Anonymice Baby is still possible.


$Cheeth is the ERC20 utility token of the Anonymice ecosystem. It was used for:

  • the first ever tokenized mint to create the original Anonymice collection
  • breeding to create the Anonymice Babies
  • minting DNA chips used in evolutions
  • participating in weekly salvage events to get pod fragments used in evolutions
  • minting soul bound collector cards
  • buying whitelist spots from the whitelist marketplace.

Originally an Anonymice could be staked to earn 1 $Cheeth per day and the contract intended the supply to last until the 31st of December 2021. However, there was a bug in the contract that meant the $Cheeth could still be claimed by unstaking your mice. This meant that the supply wasn’t fixed as intended and the costs of having to stake and unstake the mice each time was substantial.

$Cheeth v2 migration reduced the costs staking and unstaking and restored the claim $Cheeth function. However, the supply of $Cheeth was still not fixed as originally intended.

$Cheeth v3 claim transitioned to a capped supply token once more. It was a 100% fair launch token with each Anonymice and Anonymice Baby able to claim 4500 and 1125 $Cheeth respectively. $Cheeth v2 holders could also claim a share of $Cheeth v3 based on their holdings.

Now the supply of $Cheeth is fixed and deflationary as originally intended. There is still some $Cheeth to be claimed from some Anonymice and Anonymice Babies. Breeding and salvage events are now over but you can still use $Cheeth for:
- minting soul bound collector cards
- buying whitelist spots on the whitelist marketplace
- future mints and uses yet to be added


The goal of evolutions was to introduce another on-chain generative art piece to allow collectors to choose the final look of the Anonymice Baby collection and introduce a greater range of artwork. This was again something that had never been done before completely on-chain.

The new generative art was contained in the DNA chips which minted on the 25th of May 2022. A DNA chip could be minted for 1000 $Cheeth. The DNA chips contained all the traits of the final evolved Anonymice Baby that could be seen in the hologram.

There were 5 different DNA types relating to 5 new Baby characters: Freak, Robot, Druid, Skele, Alien. The total supply of DNA chips after mint was 1,353.

After the DNA chip mint, all Anonymice and Anonymice Babies could participate in weekly on-chain salvage events to find pod fragments. With a DNA chip and 3 pod fragments a full evolution pod could be assembled. The traits from the DNA chips were now displayed on the computer screens of the evolution pods.

Once your evolution pod is assembled it is time to choose which Anonymice Baby you want to evolve! Anonymice Baby enters the evolution pod, evolves and the traits change to the ones displayed on the computer screen.

The evolution process is completely on chain so as long as there are DNA chips, pod fragments, evolution pods and Anonymice Babies left you will be able to buy them from the secondary market and evolve an Anonymice Baby for yourself.


Collector cards are soulbound tokens mintable by Anonymice holders. Unlock badges to add to your collector card by achieving collector milestones, participating and attending events in the Anonymice ecosystem. This is a way for the mice community to mark events and reward holders with fun memes and artwork. Your collector achievements will be stored on-chain and linked to your wallet forever.

There are 3 different sizes of collector cards to unlock with cheeth:
Starter 500 Cheeth
Big 1500 Cheeth
Mega 4500 Cheeth

When you unlock the first collector card a soulbound token is minted to your wallet and then badges can be unlocked to add to your card.

There are 4 different levels of badges to unlock bronze, silver, gold and diamond. The bronze badges are the easiest and diamond badges the hardest. Each badge requires a different achievement in order to unlock. E.g. buying your first mouse, participating in breeding, minting a genesis Anonymice, chatting in discord and many more. More badges will become unlockable over time for participating in different events.

If you unlock more badges you can edit the badges and positions of the badges at any time. Collector cards and badges can be minted and unlocked by new members of the community at any time.


There is a special badge called prisoner mouse which is unlocked for locking up a genesis mouse in a time-lock contract for 1 year. This unlocks an elite channel in the discord where the prisoner mice are plotting.

There are two ways to imprison your mouse and gain access to the prisoner mice discord channel:

1/ From:

- Find the prisoner badge and select ‘imprison’.
- Select the mouse that you wish to imprison.
- See an NFT of your mice behind bars in your wallet.
- You can release your mouse again anytime after 1 year.
- You can only imprison 1 mouse this way.

2/ From contract:

- Go to ‘write contract’ and press ‘connect to web3’.
- Select ‘2. imprison’.

- Enter the ID of the genesis Anonymice into the box, press ‘write’ and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
- See an NFT of your mice behind bars in your wallet.
- You can release your mouse again anytime after 1 year.
- You can only imprison as many mice as you want in this way.

The prisoner contract will always be available and just costs gas to enter the prisoner contract.


Look out for the next developments by joining the Anonymice:



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We create generative art that is generated and stored 100% on-chain. No APIs, no IPFS, just code.