A Galactic Perspective on Easter

The concept of the Messiah is not specific to Judaism or Christianity. Similar stories and or myths exist in other ancient cultures. Since I believe that since there are millions of other intelligent civilizations in our galaxy and others, I cannot ignore that as a Christian. Being that there was approximately 900 years between Isaiah’s prophecy of the Messiah and the birth of Christ, I assume that He had either a long way to travel to get to Earth, many stops along the way or both. I also believe it is possible that the Messiah had made previous trips to Earth, which could be the origin of similar stories in other cultures around the world. Keep in mind that during the time of Christ, there was little or no contact between civilizations on different continents. A good example of this is in that it took several hundred years for Christianity to be widely accepted in Europe. 
 People tend to forget or ignore that the point of the Christian Messiah was and is to save our souls. The Christian faith says that the reason for why our souls need saving is due to the events that occurred in the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis. The idea that humanity was doomed as perpetual sinners simply by eating a couple of apples seems pretty silly. But the idea that the apples came from something called the Tree of Knowledge is intriguing, especially since Adam and Eve decided that they were suddenly naked, should cover themselves and that everyone else should do the same for ever and happily ever after. Either that apple contained something that put them to sleep to allow for genetic manipulation resulting in intelligence that raised them above being just another animal, or perhaps the apple symbolizes the inception of the infamous missing link. It’s curious that the presenter of this apple is described as a serpent, who is obviously of more sophisticated intelligence than poor silly little Adam and Eve. It’s also curious that ancient Sumerian writing, which mirrors the story in Genesis, goes into more detail about who and what this serpent was, even giving him and his civilization a name, a home and a reason for manipulating these pre-human animals to make them smart enough to start to think for themselves instead of just using animal instinct. 
 So, according to Christian faith, in addition to physical and mental enhancements, it seems that Adam’s and Eve’s souls were also manipulated to be eternally controlled by the serpent and his cronies, thus explaining the need to be saved. The question is, where exactly were they enslaving our souls? This explains the need for the Messiah to be born and die a human in order for him to find the place where our souls were being kept. Wherever it was, it seems that the soul of this Messiah was powerful enough to find that place, defeat the serpents and free the worthy souls, and also the souls of those in the future who were worthy, in the span of a couple of days! Then, He returned to reanimate his human body for enough time to teach His followers how to remind us of what it means to be worthy of having our souls saved. 
 I think a lot of Christians tend to focus on Good Friday and Easter Sunday but forget about the battle and rescue that occurred on the Saturday in between. If we subscribe to the notion that the Messiah came from a Heaven that was not necessarily close to us and had a lot of other places to stop along the way to engage in similar battles and or teachings, and has done this perhaps 1,000 times, it makes the Christian faith tremendously more powerful and fascinating. To believe that He lived and died a human to save us is one thing but to believe that He did the same to help a googol of living entities throughout the universe is more than enough to justify worshiping Him as God.

And, it is with that thought in mind when I say, HAPPY EASTER to all!