Chapter 2 #subtleasiandating

He wants lunch on Friday *eyeroll*

This means he’s seeing Sara Sophie Sally in between the week

Lol do u srsly think that


No way


You’re underestimating the effort it takes to go on a first date

He’s prob just being polite cause it’s closer to the weekend

Or is that my men suck brain

When are u hanging out with Celine

U need to ask her out

Stop texting

I’m so lazy

I don’t even know where to take her

If you’re texting her for more than a week

And u don’t ask her out

That’s bad man

That’s how most of my matches go


Couldn’t bother



Are u going out with mr d tho

Yeah, cuz he asked me out

If u bothered to copy and paste “what you doing this saturday”

U would have 10+ dates man

Aight progress shall be made tmr

christmas market date night scheduled next week

instant regret

Sandy who never gyms agreed to go hiking on sat

The great lengths we take to get laid lmao