I Aim To Misbehave

Anonymous Fox
3 min readApr 5, 2022


The Anonymous Fox Manifesto
Source: AnonymousFox.co.uk

You know how the light went off in your fridge?

How sometimes you are sure you’re getting the password right, but you still can’t login?

How your favourite Government Department’s website is still down?* **


That was me, the Anonymous Fox.

Welcome you one and all.

You individually beautiful, collectively powerful heathens-in-arms.

I aim to misbehave baby and this is my manifesto. Join me, and read on…

This is not evolution it’s revolution

Look around you — digitally or literally I don’t care — there’s a lot of *sad* out there and not much *awesome*.

In fact, it’s getting so hard to find the awesome that I’ve been inspired to start creating it; nothing short of revolutionary can replace some of the NEG that’s been making the airwaves.

Feel the same? Good, you ain’t alone.

When you’re feeling disenfranchised you know what to do now: you turn to your friend Anonymous Fox and understand what he’s all about:

  • Building a community that is bullish AF
  • Launching some sick AF merch
  • Dropping a savage AF NFT series unlike any you’ve ever seen before
  • Making a commitment to having some mischievous, irreverent AF fun whilst he’s doing it

This is technological & ideological revolution

I’m clever and cunning AF and know that the combination of people, mischief and clearly-defined goals is the key to enabling change at scale, but shouldn’t we have some fun whilst we do it?

What’s the point of changing the world if there’s nobody you want to share it with?!

Let’s make friends: give voice to the voiceless, you know that sort of heartwarming sh!t. But let’s also redirect and harness the energy too: we want to embrace the power and opportunity of web3 to nurture happiness in people, and take the piss out of those unhappy people who spend all their time spreading FUD and Karening — what’s that even about, man?!

I can’t tell you what Blockchain we’ll be launching on yet, or where you can get the savage AF merch, but what I can tell you is that I am committed to this, heart and soul.

It’s a long-term project, and I ain’t going anywhere, so check back for mission updates right here.

More than anything this is community revolution

Being part of a community is its own reward.

Only joking, how lame would that be, there’ll be loads of rewards for getting involved in this, especially for those who combine the digital and the physical.

Just imagine, a world in which your NFT avatar wears the same clothes as you, and can change the way you can, evolve and grow over time just like you do.

Your mask will not be one you wear to hide who you are: it’ll be the key to achieving your potential and becoming who you want to be in life and in the metaverse.

This community will be a sanctum for people who want to do more than just lurk and moan online. It will be home to those who want to create meaningful change through action.

If you reject the narrative that war brings peace, censorship brings truth and voting brings change, I want to hear from you.

How’s that for a rallying cry? You all fired up?

Good. Now take that energy and use it to go join my Discord Group.

Feeling excited


not intended to be taken seriously
** or was it?!




Anonymous Fox

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