Mind Roulette

“I don’t think it’s going to work out” he says…

…The cracks begin to ripple across my heart that once stood tall and strong, as I pick up the ash remains of this hope of us that once lived.

He must have meant it since it took him 3 days away from me to know that this is what he truly believed. The silence of my absence lingered behind in his mind, overshadowing the love he once claimed he had for me.

However I don’t sit here resentful, for I have blossomed into the girl I thought he wanted me to be, watered by the sweet words he sprinkled on my petals, cultivated by the love he fed me. But my pleasant pollen attracted his sweet infectious poison and led me to my inevitable end.

Even at times when I believed I made him happy I was mistaken, but still, I’m not regretful.

I took a bet on a person I believed was worth it, but played my chips on a rigged Russian roulette hoping for a win. As I sit here and think of what is left behind, I realize that it is not my loss for I went all in but, foolishly, he folded a winning hand…

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