Same Script, Different Cast

It’s all the same game, different player…

You tell yourself that you’ve learnt from your previous mistakes and experiences, but end up in the same spot again…same script, different cast.

The same games we run away from, come back to haunt us and we end up being played like everyone else

‘I am done’, ‘I will no longer be a fool’ are promises to ourselves that we never keep because a better actor comes along and makes us forget to watch out.

A vicious cycle that we try to run away from, but end up in the same spot again.

And you promise yourself that you will never fall again, you’ll take your time, but then someone comes along and makes you feel the thing you have been avoiding all this time… hope

Hope, that maybe not all men are what they seem

Hope, that maybe he’s the one that will make you happy

Hope, that your doubts about people’s intentions are not something to worry about, now that he’s come into your life

Hope, that the missing piece of your perfect picture has been found

Hope… everything you’ve been waiting for and avoiding at the same time

But that burden that comes with hope are expectations; and once you have expectations your mind begins to form around it like a swarm of bees protecting their queen, but with one sting it can leave a scar forever…

…Expectations feed into responsibilities and commitment and all these words that you’ve wanted to find with someone so bad. You end up treading on egg shells all your life fearing that you would give it all to someone who doesn’t deserve it all

My friends keep telling me that I’m a hopeless romantic but I think the problem is that I’m a hopeful one
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