The Sixth Degree of Separation

A loss of hope

Anxiety sweeps over me as I gaze at the stars awaiting the sweet words that unravel from your mouth, the lens with which I see the world I anticipate. The sheer hope that I will wake up to your voice keeps me going through the day.

But as time passes, my heart shrivels as the ray of light that once shed through my life begins to fade away.

In the distance, I see all that I’ve ever wanted, swept away by the tides, swallowed by the waves that is my life. ‘I must stay strong’, I tell myself, protecting my heart with the walls of my rib cage.

Yet, as I stare at my reflection in the mirror, all I can see is the slow death of the sparkle in my eyes that once lived, born by your love and magnified by your existence. As the sun sets I watch my world vanish behind the perfectly streamed horizon.

Absorbed by the darkness, all I can do is look up to the stars shimmering in the distance because maybe, just maybe, hope will be reborn again.

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