An Overwhelming Feeling

‘What’s the first thing you’ll do when you see me?’ he asks

This question buzzes in my mind quite often and my mind wanders off to many different scenarios in my head. I can go on for hours just thinking about our first encounter, the first look he gives me- my reflection in his eyes.

I stay most of the time thinking about this first glance, this first breath we will hold inside us, like a warning to our heart from the intensity of love it’s about to feel and the level of intimacy it’s about to experience. The sensual chemistry we will put our mind, body and heart through sends shivers down my spine, a spiritual presence that he continues to bless my mind with.

And me, the moment I look at him — I wont only be smiling with my lips, but my eyes will light up with his presence, taking over my inner being. The overwhelming mix of love and happiness as I look at him for the first time.

‘I don’t know, I haven’t given it much thought’ I respond
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