To Every Struggling Girl Inside Us

In this battle for the perfect love we are wounded soldiers, barely making it out alive.

Pieces of us are scattered on the battle field as we attempt to put them back in the puzzle to solve our deepest questions.

We struggle as we head on this journey — a race for the finish line, but what is the finish line? The end result is nothing but the horizon that ties the seas to the skies; unreachable

Time is running out as the sand sprinkles it’s way down this hourglass of life and we are left with an empty soul in a lonely world.

What lives inside us is a struggling girl, trying to find her way back home.

She burns with anticipation but can only manage to put out the fire with the tears that fall from her eyes — for she has lost hope in this life and ends it now, in hope of finding the perfect love in the next …

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