You may feel lonely, but you’re not alone

Maybe, that’s my greatest fear

We jump to the opportunity of surrounding ourselves with those that will add meaning to our lives, and yet, we don’t feel alive

I see you, I know how you feel…

…Keeping all your different masks in a sealed box, you pick which ones to wear with whom. And after a long day out, with your fake laughs and sad smiles, you go home and still feel the hole that no one else can see but you.

You sit and think about the day someone will walk into your life and, with one look, see right through it all.

And when that day comes, you’ll try and hide everything with the act you’ve been so good at playing, but it won’t be enough any more

Even though you see the darkness in your cracks, they’d see the light that shines between them

‘It’s okay not to be okay’, they’ll tell you

You’ll break down because it’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to hear, everything you’ve been waiting for, everything you’ve ever wanted. Slowly, your mask would begin to slip away like a snake shedding its skin to start over.

But deep down you know, that even with that new skin, the inner snake still resides inside you, waiting to attack if need be. Even though the skin is new, the scars are forever

In the meantime, you look down at your scales, place your mask into your box of secrets and slither back into bed

As you close your eyes, your eyelids conceal your longing for finding that one person that will leave you vulnerable knowing that, only then, will you feel the most naked.

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