Why Having Too Many Hobbies Can Make You Suffer, Unless…
Dani Rya

I thought I should share that I understand a lot of how you feel. I’m constantly overwhelmed by my life, yet nothing much happens in it. I’m a philomath, but I have so many barriers and problems in the way of my pursuit of knowledge and it’s the most frustrating thing; it’s like I’m constantly fighting myself to pursue anything I want in life. My sceptic and curious attitude towards everything seems to frustrate a lot of people, but it’s in my nature and I wouldn’t want to be any other way. I thought it might also be useful to disclose (although anonymously) that I have severe social anxiety, a fair amount of health anxiety, and chronic depression that I’ve been to counselling for and now am being medicated for (probably not too comforting though, I guess,) as attention problems are symptomatic of all three of that terrible trio.

P.S. This tab is one of about seventy.

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