Anonymous VC: Chapter 3


I’ve always had an interesting thought: why do expensive cars look really, really cool (think Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc…), yet cheaper cars look dull? What’s stopping Toyota from styling their cars to look much, much better? Keep the same engine under the hood, but just change the styling. It shouldn’t be more expensive. How’s that as an option for disruption? Build cheap, drivable, uber-cool cars.

Whilst on this subject, meet the Roboracer.

It goes really, really fast. It looks really, really cool. And, it drives itself. Which, in my opinion, is pretty cool. This is what the future of motorsports looks like, I think. I mean, if/when self driving cars become a reality, if/when self driving, human carrying drones become a reality, then many industries will change. Transport, logistics, the whole world. But so will entertainment.

One of the primary uses of a new technology is for games. It’s the reason computers spread to every home and phones to every pocket. It’s the majority of all the App stores. So it will be very interesting to see how the emerging technologies of the next decade will affect entertainment and gaming. I predict things like autonomous drone races. Robot wrestling, etc.

There are new frontiers emerging. Daily Fantasy Sports. E-Sports. Magic: The Gathering (not new, but growing in popularity). How all of these will intermingle and emerge will be something to watch.

On a completely different note, an interesting application that I’ve encountered recently was Upgreet. I love this idea for sales. Especially for cold calling, and for following up on lukewarm leads. It’ll be cool to try out.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post. Please don’t forget that little green heart.