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World is amazing and we are the ones who are making it amazing. It all happens when there is a balance amongst the nature and non-nature. The balance is required both at a broad level as well as minutely focused level. You basically have to find the balance within to ultimately achieve external balance. The thoughts here are deeper than my understanding and there is a need to internalise them.

I now am seeking various paths for the same and one of them is travelling. This path was induced within me from my Bangalore work trip where I was with some amazing people who suggested me to try it. I was introduced to Spiti Valley and I couldn’t resist wanderlust. I then explored Zostel Spiti and found that it is present at some of the breath taking locations in India. I decided then to cover all of the 16 Zostels present in India.

I’ll start my journey with Spiti Zostel. That would be my first location where I would begin my search for balance. This journey would be full of surprises and uncertainties. This would be my interaction with the ‘Nature’.

You can follow me for the further thoughts when I come back from Spiti. I’ll also actively post my journey on Twitter (@SiddieNahar) and keep sending you the amazing pics on Instagram (siddie_nahar).

“People with different mind-sets come together and keep making world a better place.”

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