End Of Days Shit: My thoughts as an ex DA employee on the current #CapeTown #WaterCrisis.
Andre Bothma


Isn’t that just about solving one crisis by creating another (because: what do you do with the concentrated saline? You pump it back into the sea. And what does that do to the sealife? Oh, um….)

It’s complex. Everyone WANTS there to be a simple solution, like desalination. But there isn’t; and intervening at one point in the system creates externalities that kill off another part of the system. And while the City’s not being terribly convincing (partly due to their kak comms approach), I’m not seeing that anyone else has got any ideas that even begin to grapple with the complexity.

Criticism is easy. Imagine the response if the City diverted the millions required from, say, housing to put into desalination plants, three years ago, when this drought was forecast by the Californian experience, and the time was right to start preparing — but our own dams were more than 100% full? They would have been flayed, and that’s even before the environmental damage was considered.

So yes, frustration. But walk a mile in the shoes of the good people in the City too. Because there are a lot of good, super-smart people trying to fix this. Work with them, rather than shouting at them.