I am waiting for a breakthrough!


Experiment. Fail. Experiment. Repeat.

It is my first article on medium and I am hoping for a breakthrough. Alas! I am not a dreamer, why doth thou think so? I’m a voice trying to surface, I’m the story waiting to be told, I’m a bomb waiting to explode. I’m me.

Well, that sounds so bad right? So do many articles that I have seen. Oh, not here. I am new here.

My journey started long ago, on a dark, rainy night, when I was heartbroken. I stood second in my class by a difference of .75 marks. I was taken aback, shattered, lonely, traumatized. How will I be ever able to face my family after this? How?

It was then I began to write. My soul sought solace in the words I wrote, trying to suppress my emotions in which I was ready to drown myself. Something in me said, I should not give up.

Writing came with a failure. I wrote, never got noticed, I wrote some more, till my blog died. Writing was supposed to make up for that .75 loss I had all those years ago, but it didn’t. It added to my misery, making me feel more of a failure than I was at that time.

I have come here, at last, and I think probably this is where I will have my breakthrough. This is where I can finally make up for all the loss I have ever had. It makes me pen down some lines, that have rested inside me all this time:

Till then, experiment, fail, experiment, repeat.