Why I’m Voting For Trump and Why
Glenn Rockowitz

Glenn, are you on strong medication?

I find it incredibly amusing to read analyses of what a “Trump supporter” is, as if they are a monolith. It’s like saying “the black vote,” “the Latino vote,” “the gay vote,” as if people in those demographics are of one mindset.

Anyway, if the intent is to sway undereducated Americans from voting for Trump — assuming that the majority of them would (for instance, why would you think there aren’t as many, or MORE unedereducated people voting for Hillary, Bernie, Cruz, etc.?), then the ethical way to do that is the ethical way to sway any voter: give them your point of view as to why someone else is BETTER.

Ask voters what is most important to them and why they think their candidate of choice offers that better than anyone else. Then, if you REALLY believe that a different candidate offers those things better, explain why.

Drop the zombie attitude. Please?

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