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Judd, go to which is 95% liberal and count the racist, silly, uneducated responses and bipolar rants and see if your statement about conservatives still hold any water.

Example, post 2 topics. (make sure your bio states you’re a Hillary supporter)

  1. My dog took a huge dump on my neighbors lawn. Post photo as proof. Expect 2 million up-votes. Thousands praising your dog, stories about their own pets taking a nice dump. (expect detailed photos with proud owner).
  2. Donald Trump on how he plans to create jobs. Expect max 5 up-votes. (one is mine), about 2 million views, about 1 million responses about his hair, the wall that will bankrupt us, Hitler, nuclear buttons, and so on.

Then tell me if you’re willing to stand on the same side as these clowns!