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The world of cryptocurrencies is interesting but complex at the beginning.

Bitcoin is an online and secure virtual currency. It is already accepted as a payment method by many many online and offline vendors. You can get a Bitcoin wallet instantly here.

Collecting free small amounts of Bitcoin, as well as Ethereum, Litecoin and other Altcoins is a good way to start understanding how cryptocurrencies work.

Faucets are websites, generally full of advertising links, which allow you to earn small amounts of Bitcoin and Altcoin just by solving the captcha for the recognition (and exclusion) of any bots. Many faucets are just a waste of time because they do not pay or dispense too small amounts of cryptocurrencies. 
After months of testing I chose a small number of faucet where to invest my time.

FreeBitcoin, Ethereum-Faucet and DOGE-Faucet allow you to easily earn Bitcoin, Ether and DOGE, with a simple and fast interface

First of all, my advise is to sign up on FaucetHub to optimise and keep safe your earnings.


Lots of this faucets are linked to FaucetHub:

Once you signed up on FaucetHub you can start to use the following faucet.

FreeBitcoin and FreeDogeCoin allow you to easily earn Bitcoin and DOGE, with a simple and fast interface. Click here and here

I also recommend these three multifaucets, paying on FaucetHub, fast, easy captcha and a variable claim from 5 to 10 minutes. I use them for quite a while and are well done (no excessive publicity, no limit to be reached for the withdrawal on FaucetHub):



Faucets not linked to any microwallet. Dogecoin4free, SwissAdsPaysFaucetand MulticoinFaucet in particular have very simple CAPTCHAs and excellent interface, with daily and weekly lotteries.

At last HashFlare, one of the best Cloud Mining service:

And the best and the easiest CPU and GPU mining service for your PC or mac:

Read about Cloud Mining — How to use hardware power to mine Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies remotely

Also, find out how to earn more Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash for free with CoinPot. Click here.

Ok, with faucets you don’t earn so much, but it’s worth, because you earn cryptocoins whose value could multiply in the coming years!

Contact me for any further information!

Ad astra per aspera.

AnsMDr Cryptocare (@AnsMdrCrypto)