Blast from the Past

Technology seems to have made so many advances in such a short amount of time. Even just the basic every day things, like cable television and internet amaze me, and I know there are so many more things that I do not even know about that are more advanced.

I am only 35 and I remember the television where I was the remote. You either had a knob to turn or the fancy televisions had a key pad. Also, they had an antenna outside, which could also be used to access the roof without parent’s permission. Now we have remotes for everything. We can control things from our smart phone. We have Netflix, Hulu, etc. No more VHS tapes that we get out and get mad about having to rewind them before we can watch.

The internet seems to have made several advances also. I remember no one could use the phone line while the dial up was connected. Now you have wifi in homes and a lot of public places that you can access for free.

This was my first post on Medium. My mind just drifted back to the not so long ago history of some of the things we enjoy every day, that only a couple of decades ago, were not so convenient.

PS. Be kind, please rewind.