Analysis of two news reports

News 1: ‘Fishball Revolution’ Creates Chaos on Hong Kong Streets During Lunar New Year Fest ( February 8, 2016) Vice News


Literal meaning: to make a strong public complaint

Assciation: a controversial action or behaviour

Measurement: negative, strong, active


Literal meaning: a ​state of ​total ​confusion with no ​order

Association: protesters, government

Measurement: strong, negative and active

News 2: Hong Kong ‘Fish Ball Revolution’ Erupts in Violent Crackdown


Literal meaning: to ​start ​suddenly and ​violently

Association: volcano, something that happens suddenly

Measurement: negative, strong and active


Literal meaning: a ​situation in which someone ​starts to ​deal with ​bad or ​illegal ​behaviour in a more ​severe way

Association: Government, police

Measurement: Negative, strong and active

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