Why doesn’t facebook reward users as Youtube?

The first reason is that the content of these two media are different. As uploading a video clip to Youtube is much more time-consuming than writing a post or uploading a photo on Facebook, paying more effort will have a higher incentive to make payments to users. On the contrary, it is not that necessary to reward Facebook users because of posting a feed which is not that time-costly.

Besides, the quality of the content for these two websites are different. As Youtube users usually focus on the quality of the videos, audience will probably spend more time on its contents rather than that of the news feed in Facebook. Therefore, Youtube tends to pay higher attention to the quality of the videos of users instead of Facebook.

Also, the ways of earning profits between Youtube and Facebook are different. Since there will be advertisment before a video is played, we can say that the customers may have some contribution on gerneating income for Youtube. However, there will not be any advertisement attached in each post on Facebook, users do not give anything to Facebook in return. Therefore, with less obvious contribution, it is not likely for Facebook the reward thier users.

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