What does happiness feel like?

We all have heard of countless seminars, articles, videos and more discussing the topic of how you can truly be happy. How can you be “yourself” and escape your depressions?

Last night I played paintball with some hometown friends and lucky me, I had a cute girl tag along. I truly believe that the essential ingredient for being happy is a feeling of love. I had love of friends, love of interest, and love of a sport I am very passionate about. This all made for an excellent night.

Afterwards, everyone chilled out in the basement and smoked hookah. While slouching on the couch with all my friends around me I realized that happiness cannot be thought of as a tangible item. You can never know when you experience happiness until it is already over.

In order to be happy you do not focus on being happy. In order to be happy you must BE happy.

This implies that happiness can only be achieved through a blissful ignorant experience. You are only “truly” happy when you don’t have to think about whether or not you are happy. There is no analyzing, only experience that brings it about and then only afterwards may you recognize the experience as a good one.