Quick Update

Hello loyal followers! I wanted to just write a quick post to update the blog a bit. For those who didn’t know, I made The Phanzone for my school’s senior project. It was supposed to last until my June graduation, and then move onto bigger and better things at my current school, University of South Carolina. I’m studying Sport management there, to one day fulfill of working in the front office of a pro team someday. Lately though, I’ve had the urge to keep this blog updated. I love to write, as well as to watch and analyze sports and its media; so that’s why I’m pleased to announce that The Phanzone is back after a summer hiatus! I can’t say if I’ll have an update schedule, or a plan for what kinds of articles to write, but I do know that more articles will be coming in the upcoming weeks. I hope all students and teachers have a great school year, and I look forward to getting back to writing for this blog. Stay tuned!

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