Good thoughts, thanks for the rebuttle.
Sean Sperte

I don’t agree with Ben’s premise, which is that Twitter has to beat Facebook. Twitter can be a fine business, maybe not as big or profitable as Facebook. “Beating” Facebook would likely mean changing what makes Twitter so damn useful.

If you’re using attention as your metric for “winning” then of course Facebook wins by sheer volume of users and usage. I extract way more value from Twitter than Facebook because the signal to noise ratio is lower on Twitter. I’m more in control of what I want on Twitter.

Facebook, for me, is more of a publication than a social network. It delivers to you what Facebook wants to deliver, based on what it thinks you want, but Twitter actually gives me exactly what I want because I get to choose.

Ben makes a good business case for why Facebook is a more profitable and bigger business. Ben isn’t making a case for Facebook being more useful than Twitter.