The problem with MLB’s MVP award

My issue is, why have two awards (MVP and Silver Slugger) if you’re going to base both on the same criteria: best statistical performance?

Silver Slugger is meant to award statistical supremacy, not the impact a player had on their team.

MVP *should* be based on how much different (less successful) a team would have been without that player.

The Mets season fundamentally changed after Cespedes joined them. They were good, they were borderline playoff contenders. Afterwards, they were in every way, shape and form, a different team.

Bryce Harper is having a legendary season, maybe one of the top 100 seasons of all time. That deserves to be rewarded. The award could be MVP if the MVP was an award for statistics and nothing else. If it was based on statistics, why bother voting? You don’t need to vote to determine who has the best overall statistics, it’s a math problem.

If you want to make MVP a statistical award, do the math, throw away the vote and throw away Silver Slugger.