Although I am curious about what are folks like you, people in the know, are saying about the future of podcasts when it seems that everything we put out now needs requires a visual element? I’ve been told 100K times that video is the way forward, but personally, I often turn off my brain when I watch something visually.
As a huge audible fan — as it allows me to continue to “read” extensively while engaging in the…
Elizabeth Meg

Elizabeth — 
Good response, thanks. I completely agree about the discovery/abundance problem with podcasts. I love Audible too!

That all said, to answer your questions, instead of my delving into the specifics of our shared problems and solutions let me refer you to my prior work on the specific topics you mentioned…

First, regarding what will be “transformative in this arena” and what I have to say about “the future of podcasts”:

Regarding the media industry’s current status and the business model issue I was illuminating in my comment that you originally responded to:

Finally, regarding the prospective winners and losers in the audio revolution:

Let me know what you think!

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