Linkedin — by Ramil Derogongun
Redesign concepts for popular websites #2

re: LinkedIn redesign

While “Posts” can be an expanded card (as displayed), I think “Recommendations” & “Following” should be minimized such that selecting their headers prompts their content to drop-down.

In addition, “Background” should be a drop-down under the user’s (Bill Gates’) summary in the left column.

One of the most annoying UI aspects on LinkedIn is that so much of the content is below-the-fold. It’s a difficult problem to troubleshoot too, because sometimes I’m looking for a user’s Posts; other times his Background info — so I don’t think it’s easy to prioritize one profile aspect over another (i.e. by placing above-the-fold).

I’m sure the A/B tests indicate a higher CTR when the content menus are pre-deployed, but I think LinkedIn would get more total traffic (and therefore more marginal clicks) were its UX more navigable, as described above.