Romania is not the land of the poor_
Gabriel Morin

A friend of mine works as a missionary in rural Romania where really really much work needs to be done. Education of both women and men to get better lives is one of the core subjects and I am incredibly proud of what she does there with nearly nothing.

I support her with money from time to time as she is always in need. Being not rich myself and knowing how it is to make ends meet I gladly give her when I can. I normally don’t support foreign causes but as I can give the money directly to her I know what happens with it.

But for sure this is only one part of Romania — there is the city life like everywhere where people are more educated and live like we in Central Europe do and this is where it starts. Only when somewhere a country is prospering the other parts of the country can start to bloom too.

I hope you have a lot of good experiences during your time there. If I had any chance to work abroad — no matter where — I guess I would go.

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