Why Switzerland is the Happiest Country in the World
Jillian Richardson

As a “real” Swiss person I can’t stop laugh about your words.

Living countryside I know a lot of people who have to walk 30 minutes to the bus station — plus there is no service after 8 pm. One has to take a cab to get home, which is expensive.

If you need welfare you can be happy if you really get something (belongs on the circumstances and the person who is responsible to give it to you). The healthcare is good, I agree but incredibly expensive and I can hear people in other countries (especially USA) roar about it.

It’s true many of us are very reserved. We just want to be on our own — nothing wrong with that. I for myself am much too open for the regular Swiss person, they don’t like me either. I am to loud for them.

What I think about diversity I keep to myself cause it’s not nice. At least I am married to a half Italian :-D 
There are a lot of black people around, mostly refugees or illegal wannabe-refugees and it’s not nice walking around some cities and getting harrassed by them all the time cause they are bored and have no idea what to do with their time. They are not allowed to work and often complain about the living situation they have.

And to anyone who thinks he should come to work here: Don’t get shocked by the salary you get, it will not buy you big things. Everything here is incredibly expensive. Similar products from the same companies are often half the price in Germany. Many of us living near the German border do your shopping there to make ends meet. I talk about a regular person working in an office or a shop, a hairdresser, a waitress etc. — not about somoene from a management position.

Oh and we are not part of the EU which makes as less miserable cause we don’t have to pay for those countries not able to have a gouvernment without bribing.

I am proud to be Swiss and would not want to live anywhere else but if the people and the Bundesrat (and whoever is responsible) don’t take good care we will get in trouble too.

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