The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women
C. Brian Smith

As a woman I can only side with all of those men.

I can’t stand feminists and feminism — it was good someone did something for us women way back in the day but what’s going on nowadays is plain ridiculous.

Men in these days can do whatever they want — it’s never enough or good enough — they can be soft or hard — it’s never ok. I wouldn’t want to be a man nowadays.

Women still complaining about what they don’t get or have are most of the time only to shy to ask for. In my eyes they don’t deserve it only because they are woman today — they should proof they are worth it and it should be the same with men — they should not get more or better things only because they are men.

For me personally I prefer an old school macho everytime over a confused man who doesn’t know what he wants or likes in life and is afraid to speak up cause some feminist could yell at him.

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