Scott Douglas

I am confused

  1. My hubby can watch on TV whatever he pleases — I can use an ipad to watch something else or the other way around — he uses the ipad and I use the TV. Never a discussion.
  2. I am the one listening to metal and rock music — I do this when driving to work — loud and singing wrong all the time. He is into calmer music and classics *baaah* He does listen to this at home (he often works from home) when I am not there.
  3. More than 99% of the books (more than 2'000) are mine and I want them around me — they are like children to me. His are stored with them in the appropriate section.
  4. He doesn’t do tinkering but I admit a room for a model rail would be cool if he had one so he can let it erected all the time.
  5. My art is holy so is his which we found free walls to hang too — He is a huge Star Wars / Star Trek and other things fan which I love too but am not that kind of fanatic about — we both have a light sabre and he got me the remote controlled BB-8 last christmas. I totally love geeky stuff even I am not that kind of a geek either. He could even hang naked women’s pics on the walls if he wanted — why should I care? He married me for a reason.
  6. We are both lazy couch potatoes so we don’t use or need a gym but I agree on this point like #4 it’s great when you have a room where you can let all this stuff stand around ready to use. My Mom has a room in her house where she sews and irons so she doesn’t have to put this stuff away all the time. I refuse to iron.

We never have parties — we love to meet friends at their places or somewhere else but our flat is OURS — we don’t want it invaded ;-)

What am I doing wrong? Also I never would have an argument about such things — there must be place for both parts of a couple in the flat.

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