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I am only not dead or an addict (of illegal drugs, I do have medication which make a bad withdrawl if I would quit them) cause I grew up in a very small village and no one sold stuff on the school ground.

I would have taken it cause I was and still am curious about the effect. So far I tried cocaine and amphetamine. Cocaine didn’t had any effect, amphetamine gave me no good feelings and didn’t benefit for what I wanted to use it (better functioning, not being sleepy all the time). Oh and of course I did marijuana but this only makes me falling asleep.

Addiction is something I got in my genes from my paternal side and there were times when I spent much too much money but still was aware and never got into dept — could have been happening too. Every interest I pick up goes into some kind of excesses in the beginning until I come to my sense and change the behaviour.

But if there were drugs around in my teenage years I would be dead I so much hated life.

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