Not Just Another Deceased Cat Story
Robert Schwartz

I have a cat, Miss Cheyenne — now 11 years old — shy, sweet, loving to sleep next to me when my husband is not around — she is my companion and I can’t think about her not being with me anymore.

4 years ago — soon after I met my husband and we got married — he asked for a 2nd cat and I happily agreed — now we are also parents to Jesse James — he is a big red male and Miss Cheyenne hates him — both can go outside if they like to so the fights are only occuring in winter when Miss Cheyenne resides in my closet where she feels safe — it’s the only place Jesse isn’t allowed to go inside too.

So you know by now I am a cat’s person too (I also love dogs but they want to be taken for walks and I am lazy and stubborn).

Some years ago we had another red male cat in the building — Zorro — he was already over 18 years old and sick since a long time — his owner, my direct neighbour got up several times at night and let him in and out — one day I was remarking Miss Cheyenne acting strange but couldn’t make up what was wrong — after some days it hit me hard — Zorro was gone — and Miss Cheyenne was missing him — this hit me hard — she was mourning for her pal — even they didn’t look at each other when they were outside together.

Furry children are awesome

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