Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

I remember being a child / teenager always looking forward for Olympic games, EC or WC in something but through the at least 15 years something changed inside of me — I got aware of the costs for buildings being in ruins and not used anymore afterwards, of people losing their homes just because they are poor and living at the wrong place of town, of the losing finanial situation for the country having the games / championships and the not-profiting or bringing anything good in the long run afterwards.

Also I am strongly against the bringing this games / championships to countries where corruption / poorness are so strong — cause it only brings more criminality and no benefit to such countries.

I refuse to care and can’t even crack a smile when someone tells me one of our athletes (I am Swiss and live in Switzerland) won a medal — I couldn’t care less — it’s not about the effort the athelets take — it’s about the uselessness and senselessness I feel with such events.

I can’t help but think what we could have been making with this money to help people in need and I am not even a very social thinking person. It just doesn’t feel right to still have such events in times like this.