This Guy Studies Man Caves for a Living; Here’s What He’s Learned
C. Brian Smith

My husband can do whatever he likes in our flat (which was MY CASTLE for many years before I met him) — he can let his clothes in every room, he can let his hair in the sink or the bath tub — I don’t care. He can watch soccer, drink beer — whatever he pleases — there is always a solution to make myself comfortable around it too.

When his son was younger they sometimes set up the race track through the whole flat on Friday night until Sunday night when the boy had to leave. I loved it cause my Dad never wanted to see us playing in the living room — I just enjoyed to have kind of a REAL family life.

I laugh about it inside of me and think: Well yeah this is what you have to accept for living together with someone and I do.

Also I am NOT responsible for cleaning, cooking and shopping — so who am I to complain — I just love he is there, loves me and makes a mess out of my once so tidy flat cleaned by a maid every 2 weeks.

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