Why Most People Will Never Be Successful
Benjamin P. Hardy

People tend to call me unsuccessful cause I never wanted a career like getting promoted to better jobs etc. but they have no idea what they are talking about even when I try to explain it to them.

All I ever wanted was doing something I love to do to earn enough money to afford a comfortable live (not a luxurious one but I still think I have it even without being rich).

From my teenage years on I felt something was terribly wrong but thought it was cause my Dad was an alcoholic and my Mom was co-dependant. I kicked and screamed myself through life until I had an overdose of pills (something like Xanax) and started a therapy. It took me more than a decade but did wonders for me. I started feeling comfortable (people still don’t understand) but never got a real diagnosis. After all this years I had another breakdown and finally I met a person who was able to diagnose me — one of the best days in my life — I am an Asperger. I always felt blessed after I got out of the deepest depression but now I feel awesome — it explains everything and it helps a lot as it’s an “illness” well known and accepted to some point.

Without a care in the world, what the world thinks how I should life and plan my life I live from day to day as happy as I can be.

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