“I Really Couldn’t Relate to The Murdering Psychopathic Main Character”
Felicia C. Sullivan

Sometimes when unsure about a book, I read amazon reviews only to find out I can’t relate ever so often after finally reading it.

I have to stop myself from doing so cause it depends on so many factors if someone likes a story or not.

There is a great German Fantasy/Horror/SciFi writer — Wolfgang Hohlbein — he is very productive and has awesome ideas but he writes like a high schooler. I always hate reading how he writes but love his stories so much I still read them.

I don’t always love the most lovable characters the most as I have a big heart for broken people as well as sociopaths and psychopaths which I normally don’t tell anyone cause people don’t seem to understand that I am so fascinated by them.

I also read a lot of different things about themes I like but mostly trivial thriller and such books. I dont’ care what others think I should read.

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