I’m tagging you in case you otherwise might miss Alexainie’s post and may want to take this action…

Thanks for tagging me and making me aware of your concerns.

Well I don’t know if Jennifer is a fraud or not and tbh I don’t care. I am in no way rich (I am disabled myself) but I gave the money cause I could and thought it would be a good cause. What she does with it is her business. If I didn’t had the money to give I didn’t gave it or I could have been using it for something I don’t need anymore. I am a firm believer in giving and receiving.

No way I will file a complaint and force her to give me the money back. When I give, I give freely and accepting it could be for a wrong cause — especially when it’s done through an online story.

But I know one thing — we are all human and if in a devastated state of mind we make mistakes or give wrong information cause we can’t concentrate or remember well. I will NOT judge Jennifer or think further about if it could be fraud.

This said I wish all of us the best outcome and hope nobody feels bitter. Betrayal happens here and there and sometimes someone fells for it. As long as we don’t know the truth I refuse to bash her (and I can be a real bitch if I have enough — just to make this clear).

I hope no one of you is angry with me now about my point of view cause I read from the most of you at least some pieces and like to read more.

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