Who will give me away?

The dreamy dress I once bought out of an impulse still hangs unused and brandnew in the cellar closet — I wore Chinos and Doc Marten’s — it was snowy and none of my family (nor the family of my husband) was invited — expect my sister and his son. It was as funny as it could have been and we got a bottle of Jack Daniel’s as a gift and went to McDonald’s after we signed all the paper which no one was able to read loud cause we had to giggle so much about the whole situation.

The registrar of course had no idea what was happening — I am sure he never had such a ceremony in his life.

My Dad was long gone at my wedding day — way too young but he lived too fast and I am sure he was there with me — no walking down the aisle, no church, no bells — it was still awesome and I would do it this way again.

Even the ring is cheap and a friends dog bit out half of one of the circonias last year when she tried to steal the ring from my finger all over again.

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