Reporter at Breitbart Uncomfortable With Amount of Control He Has Over the President

Following this week’s investigation into the alleged phone-tapping in Trump Tower, Beitbart staff reporter Joe Pollak has stated that his influence over the President scares him.

“It’s like, I wrote that article a few months ago for a laugh” Pollak said. “I never thought for a second anyone would buy it!”

Breitbart published an article with the unsubstantiated claim that President Obama had tapped phones in Trump Tower during the election. There is no evidence to support these claims.

“That’s because I made it up!” said Pollak. “I just wrote something I thought would get some attention, but now it’s all out of control! Now he’s ordering investigations and accusing people all because of something I wrote!”

Pollak says that if he had known this would be the response to his article, he never would have written in.

“It’s a scary thing, this power” he said. “Knowing that what you write could start World War III. I don’t want that kind of responsibility!”

Pollak has reconsidered his career in journalism, claiming that he needs a job with less accountability.

“You think CNN would hire me?” he asked. “No one listens to them!”