What is it for?

Rap 14/30

I like the way these words sound

As they travel round in my head

That being said

now I put them down on paper instead

I’m steadfast with the relentless energy I invest

I think fast and push hard when I realise my quest

I’m blessed with these chances, unanswered questions for advances

Dancing with the devilish requests of my subconscious

Windows of satisfaction, breezes cause relaxing

Vibes, but some times

Gas runs out, car runs dry

I gotta pull over at the nearest lay-by

And I sigh and accept

That today my one quest

Is to make it to tomorrow

Get my train back on track

So I try to relax

And accept the process

But I notice

The next time I feel high

It’s just a matter of time

Before I’m back down, on the ground

And as I lay on the floor

I ask myself

When we’re all dead and gone

what was it all for?

— — — — -

After 14 days this is my favourite rap

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