Eine Analyse vom Thesenpapier, “Visualising Gender Norms in Design: Meet the Mega Hurricane Mixer and the Drill Dolphia”
für den Kurs Design Wissenschaft Theorie mit Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl an der Hochschule Anhalt, Frühling 2015.

In der Welt wird man heutzutage tagtäglich mit hunderten von Produkten konfrontiert. So oft, tatsächlich von Geburt an, sieht man immer wieder die gleichen gesellschaftlichen Themen. Diese Themen werden langsam internalisiert, bis man sie einfach akzeptiert ohne weiteren Gedanken darüber zu machen.

Unter solche Normen fallen Themen wie: politische und geographische Einstellung, die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Natur, und Unterschiede zwischen Menschen. In diesem Paper hat Sarah Hjelm Ilstedt insbesondere Gendernorms in der (hauptsächlich) Nordeuropäischen Gesellschaft untersucht. Die Resultate beweisen frühere Behauptungen über solche genderdifferenzierte Produkte, und erzeugten neue Möglichkeiten für Produktdesign in der Zukunft.

Die Semiotik

Als Basis von viel im…

Coders and artists, working together with a local DJ to develop an algorithmic VJ set for the 900th anniversary of the city of Köthen.

Studying at the Hochschule Anhalt in 2015 afforded me an array of new experiences: Everyday life in a former East German city. Hectares of beautiful, wild trails just off-campus. Unterricht auf Deutsch. And only 3 days per week of classes! Chief among these, however, was the opportunity to work with a talented, multi-disciplinary team in an entirely new realm of design for me: music.

With the opportunity to pick projects instead of classes, I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a team tasked with creating a visual backdrop for a DJ battle taking place at the city’s yearly…

Working with a German charitable organisation to raise awareness of the dangers fast ferries pose to cetaceans in the Canary Islands.

In early 2015, the the Berlin-based cetacean protection organisation M.E.E.R. e.V. got in contact with the Hochschule Anhalt, where I was studying at the time, to co-produce a video highlighting the risks posed by increased tourism to the Canary Islands. As the film students flew to the islands for an early spring vacation, I stayed behind to work on an animation to highlight what the videographers couldn’t directly capture: the dangers fast ferries pose to whales and dolphins.

Planning the animation

519 days of illustration, animation, modelling, sketching, writing, and even… some music?

In the spring of 2015, as I was studying at the Hochschule Anhalt in Germany, I began a series of daily projects. I was likely inspired by beeple and many other talented artists and designers and I honestly had no idea how long I’d be able to keep it up. In the end, I kept at it for 519 days!

Below, I simply want to showcase my chosen themes and a few of the best pieces from each month. Los geht’s!

April 2015: vector illustration

Springtime in Germany. Beautiful weather for classes and biking during the day, and in the evening, cooking and illustrating…

Showing an unfinished minigame concept the light of day.

Sometimes, you just need to put a thing to rest. Although I usually document finished projects here, this article will not be that. Instead, I’ll outline some game mechanics, a story, and a few key frames in an effort to preserve the work I’ve put in. And should anyone feel the desire to continue development or use these concepts as a base for their own game, they should by all means feel free.

Inspiration for Selmie’s Story came mainly from two places: 1. The meticulously detailed world of Breath of the Wild and 2. Witchwood Academy, one of many impressive…

Thought-provoking talks and informative workshops for web creators return to Hong Kong for the second year running!

© Joey Kwok Photography

Webconf is back and it’s growing! While last year’s conference featured 8 wonderful speakers and an all-day design seminar, organizer Charis Rooda has brought even more to the table this year. Two full-day workshops, two days jam-packed with talks, and a diverse cast of speakers ensured there was something of interest here for every web creator!

For me, the range of topics at Webconf helps achieve balance. Keeping a thought for the future in mind, I can level up my craft with specific design, development, and client skills, while also winding down with exploratory side projects.

The Grid

Rachel Andrew’s CSS Layout Workshop

Welcome to Webconf! Despite…

CantoGen is a placeholder-name generator for Hong Kong’s unique variety of English given names.

Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash

Hong Kong is a wonderful place for the English language. An official language of the territory, yet a mother tongue to only a few, a unique variety has developed here through Hong Kong’s colonial years. Don’t be surprised if the deliveryperson asks for your company chop or you’re told to “Add oil!” when working on a difficult task!

Even more interesting, though, are Hongkongers English given names. Not long after the British arrived in 1842, locals began using ‘western’ names to do business. The influence of Christianity also began to take hold at this time, leading to names like Moses…


Hainan is not for humans. Neon shipping logo afterimages burned into my retinas as I walked the skyways and ports. Sleep was ushered in with the dull grind of industry penetrating every bone of my body. Weeks became a slideshow of commerce, jumpy, flickering locales and logos rushing by at just under 12 frames per second.

She was here tonight, and I hoped I would be too. It’s the same feeling every time, drawn along by the wire of subconscious instinct, precision engineered since I was less than a clump of cells… but you can’t program the conscious mind. At…

A workshop on web resilience and progressive enhancement with Jeremy Keith

Crunch-time for our ‘startups’. Photo by Jeremy Keith

On a crisp February morning in downtown Hong Kong…

Thanks to Charis Rooda, the organisational talent behind Webconf.asia, and consultancy company Odd-e, a dozen web professionals were congregating in a harbour view conference room, getting ready for a full-day workshop with internet pioneer Jeremy Keith. The topic? Building for a resilient web.

Once food, coffee, and pleasantries had all been exchanged, we were ready to dive in — or rather, back — to the year 1995.

Starting from the basics

If we want to build a resilient & accessible web, we need to do it the same way architects construct resilient buildings: from the foundation up. This means not overlooking the importance of…

Jamming to increase asexual representation in games.

As 2017 drew to a close, my personal projects got put on a bit of a hold. With a Thanksgiving trip back to the US and client projects crunching up before Christmas, I decided to give myself a little break from my ‘homework’.

Of course, ending a break is always harder than deciding to take one. Thankfully, itch.io had my back. In the deluge of e-mails I’ve been getting since submitting Honour, one stood out: an invitation to Ace Jam.

Ace: an abbreviation of asexual; a person who has no sexual feelings or desires.

“[This] is a game jam about…

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