Jermaine Wright: A Man With a Promise and a Dream

“Whatever you decide to pursue make sure you have the drive for it.”

It’s simple advice. But given the context, it can be quite powerful.

Jermaine Wright, listed at 5'11" and 230 lbs is one of many with a dream to play in the NFL. But his size, weight, 40 time, and max weight set aren’t what defines him.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Wright and his four sisters struggled. Not only because their father wasn’t in the picture, but because their mother was slowly suffering from both leukemia and HIV.

Given his difficult circumstances, his participation in football at Budley High School had to be limited. Wright and his sisters had to take care of their mother, as well as each other.

Nowadays the 25–year-old Wright has a family that’s all his own. But he never forgets his mothers words to him shortly before her passing.

“Football is your calling,” she told him. Wright told his mother that he wanted to live his dream. And as a result, Wright’s life has been a whirlwind ever since he’s truly committed to the goal of one day suiting up in the NFL.

Wright actively stays in shape and has the heartfelt support of many on social media. He even had a contract offered to him to play for the Louisiana Cottonmouths Arena Football League. But unfortunately for him, the team folded the 2016 season. Wright has since considered options to play in Canada, Europe, as well as other Arena Football Leagues.

“I’m weighing out my options,” Wright articulated. “But for me right now it’s go big or go home.”

Due to his remaining years of eligibility, Wright has not ruled out a possible trip to the NCAA as well.

But naturally due to his timeline, Wright will do anything he can to get involved in an opportunity that can improve his chances of being noticed by an NFL team.

Little did he know he would have the support of the Super Bowl XLVII MVP.

“Whatever you decide to pursue make sure you have the drive for it,” Joe Flacco advised Wright. As a lifelong Baltimore Ravens fan, Wright was appreciative of any advice the franchise quarterback could give him.

And he was especially appreciative of the fact that Flacco asked Wright to come work out with him in July. Due to his generosity and support, Flacco will always be known as “Captain Flacco” to Wright.

For a man with a very unorthodox path thus far, Wright has remained extremely level headed throughout his journey. He always stays positive.

“Something I tell myself every single day I look in the mirror: Never give up. Never lose hope.”

Wright’s active pursuit of a professional football career could lead him pretty much anywhere. It’s an unpredictable route filled with wonders, doubts and question marks.

But it’s a route that was chosen. Wright forever honoring the words and love of his mother. Driven to provide for his three-year-old daughter and 2-month-old son.

“I put my family on a high pedestal,” Wright explained. “I don’t want to be far away from them because I didn’t have a father in my life. I’ll always make sure I’m a part of their lives if they ever need anything.”

Everyday Wright pushes himself to be better. To one day live the dream.

But until then Wright is who he is: a hard-working, soft spoken family man politely waiting for his next opportunity in life.